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We're up to the "holding our breath" stage. (And yes, this is good news.)

[livejournal.com profile] mewsgryphoncat just called the clinic, and our sweet boy has now been seizure free for 18 hours. They're going to try and offer him food this morning.

Yay for progress~! ♥

Post Noon update: Just got back from visiting our spotty boy, and the first thing that his attending vet said was, "It's so nice to give good news - Kiri is 100 times better than he was last night."

He's been conscious, his blood work came back without including anything alarming or abnormal, and he's actually eaten a bit (though they had to assist, since he's pretty groggy). Best of all, he looks good and a little stronger. We've let out one breath and are ready to take another.
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Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] soranokumo for the brief last night, and here's a bit more surrounding it, along with a update.

Kiri's had a rough time of it this Spring, including a brief struggle to control his adult-kitty-onset of diabetes, and his subsequent success in getting into remission, and being completely managed through a careful diet.

Earlier this week since his blood sugars were controlled, we took him in for dental surgery. The stress of that made us put him back on small doses of insulin, and his sugars were high-ish but coming down to normal. None of this was unexpected, and he was eating all right by that night.

Yesterday when we came home from work, G-cat found him in full rigor, unresponsive behind the bathroom door. When she determined that he was breathing, she wrapped him in a towel and ran him down to the kitchen. While she was there, he went into Grand Mal seizures. Unable to draw blood to test since he was thrashing too hard, we treated him for low blood sugar (kero syrup), while I tried to see if anyone was still at the veterinarian we use. The tech there told us to go to an emergency clinic, which we did; Kiri was still in seizures.

He has remained in this condition though the meds have reduced the severity of the attacks, and as one good piece of news he even regained lucidity a couple of times. However his brain is still in overdrive, and any stimulation kicks off the seizures fairly easily. We're hoping the meds slow this down enough for his neurology to reset to normal. We're hoping that there's little to no lasting brain damage. Time will tell.

How did this happen? We don't know; we keep asking ourselves that question too. Our best guess is that this was a combination of factors: the shot of insulin when he was just under 200, his own insulin production suddenly kicking into gear, and him exhausting himself to climb up the stairs to use that litter box instead of the first floor one. In either case, his blood sugars crashed low enough to throw him into a coma and start brain seizures, and we probably found him literally just in the nick of time.


Just got back from the clinic, and it could go either way at this point. The new meds are controlling his seizures better, except when he gets agitated. We figure the next 48 hours are going to be our determining factor.

Bonus - all the staff there adores him.


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