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Happy birthday to [personal profile] thorne_scratch.

May you have a lovely day with lots of friends, very little work, and just the right amount of hookers to keep things lively.

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Sorry for the crazy amount of silences... as usual, life is a series of triumphs, just waiting to be actualized.

Work: I'm grateful that I have the joy of a job I love, but I really do wish that it didn't consume so much of my life. We've been doing our best with a staff that was only 3/5th of the original group design, and I've been fairly vocal about the challenges of that. So, mid-last month it was announced that we'd be getting a new staff person. A week after that, the lead developer on my team announced that he was resigning to take a position with another firm. Erm... yes. ^^;;

Home and Finances: Actually we're kicking ass in this department. We're getting ready to finish the renovations of the downstairs bathroom. PURRR~!

Extracurricular: I've stopped trying to push the Corporate Roundtable forward alone, and have opted to step back and see if either of the elected presidents take up the slack. So far, we've had four months of radio silence, so I'm thinking "no". Eventually, I'll have to confront this issue head on, but I don't have the mental fortitude for it right now.

We successfully launched the AIDs Center fundraiser this Monday. It pretty much went off without a hitch, and I'm sort of holding my breath to see how we did financially. In the 20+ years this charity Art Auction has been going on, this is the first time we held it in a different venue. From what I saw... it went very well.

Health: Mixed bag, again. I've managed to lose a bit of weight, close to 20 pounds, so that's really cool. Sadly, I had my left knee go out in early April - a partially torn MCL - and I start physical therapy for it on Monday. Overall, the only thing I can complain about is my primary care doctor telling me that I'm getting old. (eyeroll - gee thanks, Dr. J)

Hope you're all doing well! ♥
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My friends -

Is Dr. Doolittle your childhood idol? Have you ever wanted to "speak to the animals"? Like me, did you bring home every four footed critter that crossed your path?

Now you can really start to achieve that goal by using llama font! Yes, indeedy-do! You can now "say it in llama"

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Apr. 12th, 2011 12:59 pm
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Many Happy Birthday wishes to the incomparably ossim [personal profile] kaitou!

I hope you have a wonderful day. ^_^
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There's nothing like spending the first lovely, sunny day in the local emergency room. XP

After a wonderfully productive morning, I decided to dash over to the store next door for a diet tea (neither vending machine in our office would accept dollar bills). Okay, not even dash - it was sort of a relaxed meander. But I walked down the five shallow steps to the street level, when I hit the last step, something inside my knee popped. Then it was incredibly painful to stand or walk.

Much time later, I'm home with crutches, a leg brace, a prescription for percoset, and a diagnosis of (probable) sprain. Since ligaments are not visible on x-rays, if it doesn't start improving in a week, we're off to the orthopedist.

Well (as Nan would say), that's poop.
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Well, it's a pretty sad statement when you have to admit that "improvement" in work is only working 51 hours a week instead of 62, but that's the truth. Typically, I put in about 45 hours a week, so 51 isn't too much of a stretch. Sad to say, I went into Friday and Saturday still pretty tired, and when I wasn't doing something specific, kept wanting to curl up and nap. I probably should have, in fact, but didn't.

Lots of good news of the less questionable variety, though! [personal profile] soranokumo went flew to Japan last Tuesday, so she got to share in the events of this week. The school is far enough south that they didn't even feel the quake, and ended up waking to the news, like many of us did. We're had a brief email from her, and Catt did get a chance to call home and speak with her family.

So. Blood.

We're been fostering the felines into our home for the last month, taking it good and slow to integrate them. There's been a fair amount of rumbling and grumbling from both sides of the door, but it slowed down over the past week. In response, we've taken to leaving the door open, but separated physically using screens and baby gates. Once or twice Cali sneaked out to explore and was cornered by the others, but as soon as we separated them, she hauled fuzzy butt back into "her" space.

Again, since this worked well, so we started to leave only the baby gate up for longer periods, covering the lower 3 feet of the doorway. This barrier was respected by the cats while we were present, and they stayed on their respective sides, although there was a certain amount of territorial *staring* by the queen girls.

Last night, we decided to leave the gate up and NOT be watching over it. This lasted several hours until we heard a fight start in the master bedroom. G-cat and I broke it up, and were surprised to see that is was Hana and Mato (the shy one), instead of Hana and Cali who have been softly tossing swear words at each other.

From what [personal profile] gryphoncat could see, it appears that Mato got curious and explored her way into the bedroom where Hana was sleeping and got her butt jumped. Damage report: one startled Mato, who hid under beds for the next hour or so, and a lot of nervous kitties who wanted reassurance. I found a good scratch on Hana's nose last night, and Mato had a tiny fleck of blood on one cheekbone.

We'll have to call it a draw, and start trying to get them okay with each other. But for last night, G-cat and I slept in with Cali and Mato, which made them quite happy.
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I've spent the last couple of weeks working like a mad working thing, in order to try and meet the expectations of four project deadlines at the end of February, combined with the overhaul of a major report, a high-level presentation to assemble and one unexpected crisis with Customs. (Of all of those, the Customs is the one that stumps me the most.)

This is ignoring the fact that I have new status reports to create for other IT sectors (also due at the end of the month, but SOMETHING had to give), and next week I have a series of meetings with the UK to start understanding where the are in terms on program maturity, since they've been added to my pool of countries to manage.

Quite frankly, now I know why my European peers disappear for a couple weeks every 6 months; it's a survival strategy. They're also better at pacing themselves and saying 'no'.

At least for now the immediate pressure is eased back, and I can spend a bit of time catching up with all the things that have fallen into the abyss. Like friends. And sleeping.
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The AIDS-charity event (CLCA) that I work on annually is starting to get into gear now, as we spent Friday evening walking through the August Wilson Cultural Center and identified where we were going to place various things. (Check-in, art storage, food vendors, etc.) While a touch inconvenient to walk the place down while another event was in full swing, it was neatly instructional at the same time. This is a new venue for many of us; the first time we have a bi-level hall, too. We could see the places that bottle-necked with people on Friday - many of them were places I remember thinking... "Hmm, this could be a problem"... way back in December when I saw the Hall for the first time.

I do worry a little, because a number of times I felt like our team stated what we thought would work best, only to have the other team members not bother to listen. Time will tell.

For the rest of the weekend, we had the pleasure of spending time with [personal profile] thorne_scratch, who came to spend the weekend [personal profile] soranokumo. As suspected, she is a lovely and wonderful guest - very low-key and easy going.

I got the chance to cook for her once or twice, which was nice for me (yay!cooking), and we spent a bit of time out at the Phipps Conservatory which was holding their annual Bonsai and Orchid show. Dinner was the semi-traditional migration out to Taipei-Tokyo, as we usually do with company from out of town.

Breaking from tradition, I got the opportunity to join a couple of friends for coffee Saturday night, which was a rare pleasure indeed. I adore being able chat about darn near anything with bright, intelligent people.♥ (Which explains so much about all my friends. XD) I dropped them back at their place and went back home to watch movies before bed.

Sunday afternoon, after seeing Thorne back on the road, [personal profile] gryphoncat and I went out bed shopping, since the mattress we have has been the cause of much sadness and morning back-aches. This between doing laundry and finding a perfectly awesome web-site through a FB friend:

Grocery shopping needs to fit in there somewhere, but it will wait while I "man-up" and tackle the mailing list for the charity event. Hopefully, we'll get the letters out tomorrow.
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Proving yet again that the world really does steal away the best of us, Ann Cecil slipped away early this morning after a long battle with cancer.

Ann was the person people should aspire to be. She was intelligent, soft spoken, and enthusiastic about both science fiction and people. Unkind words about other people never passed her lips, especially never in public, no matter how angry or frustrated that she might be. She always took all set-backs as another challenge to overcome.

An English and logistics major, she worked as a database engineer throughout her life. But her real achievements were outside of work. She became one of the central pillars of the local SF community, helping to build the local fandom into a formal group, creating SF publications, organizing the local convention from a 1-day event into a proper 3 day Con.

Reading and writing remained her life's work and she not only helped organize the Alpha writing workshop, she would read all the entries to the annual writing contest and write a personal letter of critique and encouragement to each and every person. Even when the entries numbered in the hundreds.

That sort of kindness, enthusiasm, mentoring and love for the SF community is so rare and precious. The words "gaping hole" doesn't begin to describe what her loss is to us and the world at large.
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This time directed at the charming and talented [personal profile] kadrin!

You are such a pleasure to talk with and I'm completely looking forward to the day that I finally meet you!

~ Ris
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So let's move on to the annual accounting:

2008 )

2009 )

Which brings us up the crazy blur of days that made up:
2010 )
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... the newest snowpocalypse, I mean. It's supposed to start tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, [personal profile] gryphoncat and [personal profile] soranokumo are using our unexpected weekend together to do stuff with friends. Last night was dinner out, today we went to see "Tangled" at the theatre, and are off to the local SF club Christmas party for the evening.

Tomorrow is a visit to the decorated Frick mansion with Karen and Gwendolyne, and if we get lucky we can have high tea there. ♥
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Spent today cleaning a friend's house in the company of people dear to me, and then stopped out at a restaurant that I've never had the chance to check out before, with more friends for dinner. A hectic day, but good nonetheless!

For a short week at work, this was a crazy one -- including training calls with Greece, Poland and Italy, as well as the usual conference calls with England... and my boss inadvertently hosing the data in the master database, which left me the job of smoothing the dba's feathers for an hour on Friday.

We've restarted the monthly meetings for the annual fundraiser for the local AIDs treatment center this month (appropriate since we've just passed World AIDS day), which means I have the fun of chasing restaurants and pleading for donations. Given the new members on this team, though, I think this will be easier this year than in the past. We met on Friday and the guys were simply awesome and enthusiastic, and not at all coy. (I'd say they were fabulous, but that's far too tongue-in-cheek.)

Since we're covering the topic of gay, in our RP there was a brief moment of amusement as Rufus Shinra was offered a haircut by Ames. When he accepted, Ames mentioned that he had his own kit that included hair-cutting scissors.

Rufus: I'm impressed that you have your own kit, but I do have to mention that the fact that you have it is SO gay.
Ames: (without missing a beat) The fact that you're impressed is so gay, too, you know.

Finally, to round things up, congratulations to all the people I've seen doing NaNo this year! Our winners like [personal profile] soranokumo who finished the whole novel, and [profile] elfowls_nest, and the people who've managed to beat their personal best, like [profile] moonbeamjedi. I'm so glad for you all. ♥
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Okay, this is more of an Art Show review, than anything else, since I start putting the show together at 1pm and pretty much stay in there until 5pm-ish on Sunday.

NJ and I spent the Thanksgiving with our friend Marty for the 5th(?) year in a row. It never gets old, and is such a pleasure to have a quiet day to talk without a lot of interruptions like you typically get at conventions.

This also makes is easy to get to the con, cutting our travel time from 4+ hours to less than one. It's weird to get to a con and NOT be exhausted... XD

As for the Con, I did a lot of things differently this year and I'm really pleased with the results.
- We had artist GOH [profile] luco_millian come down from Canada to be with us. She was amazing and interesting; a real pleasure to host and very professional in her demeanor. I'd be glad to see her back anytime. She's also just as sweet and funny in person as she is online. Thanks so much to both Luco AND to [personal profile] mailechan who hosted her for the weekend.
- With the help of [personal profile] kosaginolegion we broadcast an invite to new artists to mail in, and got more than a half dozen new faces! This made the show fresher and nearly put us out of wall space. I'll have to send a thank you to the list, as well as a note to the artists.
- We added new ways of paying for art, so we weren't asking for cash alone. This is very new for our con, and worked so well that it's definitely coming back next year. ^_^

All in all, the show nearly doubled last year's meager sales, and I'm now weighing whether or not we need to ask the boss for space to expand. Woot!

Other awesome Con things:
Aside from the friends mentioned above, we also got to spend time with [personal profile] museinred, [personal profile] icelightning, Tristan, Susan, and to touch base with so many others.

Sadface: [profile] ericavdg, I missed you!
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(Sorry about that... it appears that Reno's cut in on Seph's dance. Again. *facepalm* I swear that boy will never, ever learn...)

Long hugs and many happy wishes to [personal profile] soranokumo on the occasion of her birthday! May your flight have gone smoothly, and your time with your family be a joyous one. I hope that you get to spend time with all the people who put a smile on your face. As for all those who don't... well, may they get caught up in the Black Friday shopping mobs and stay far away from you.

May this next year bring you success and happiness in greater measure than ever before. ((hugs))

~ Ris
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Wishing the talented and charming [personal profile] m_steelgrave a very happy birthday!

Hope today is as lovely there as it is here, and that you have a wonderful, lazy, love-filled day.

~ Ris
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1. Cleaning house. Since the beginning of this month, I've been focused on cleaning the house - REALLY cleaning - the kind that involves throwing stuff away by the bagful. Sure, it took being terrified of the being known for the slobs we are, but the house is better than it's been in practically a decade. Seriously. =^_^=

2. A week of vacation - staying up late and sleeping in late so I could have the fun of...

3. YEEEE~! Guests! Chas and Vel and Ann and Morgan - all staying over here. Sharing dinners, road trips to Falling Water, poking fun at each other, swapping fic and TV programs in a living room that seats 7 pretty comfortably. (Five person couch is a WIN.)

4. Oh, and this little tidbit of awesome, since October is a Month of Gay. Courtesy of Homasse on LJ
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